Peristaltic Pump Head (4mm)




Pump head for a NEMA 17 Stepper motor. Comes with pump head and motor mount. A peristaltic pump, often referred to as a dosing pump, is a little slow compared to the usual types of liquid pumps out there, but it offers a huge advantaged: No part of the pump mechanism comes in contact with the tube contents. This means it prevents cross-contamination, makes for no cleaning of the pump between differing product fills (which wastes valuable liquids and solvents) and has a simpler internal structure so less can go wrong.

Either you can fit to any existing NEMA 17 stepper motor you have, or see related for ones I can supply.

As an idea of speed for 4mm delivery, I’ve managed to tune the pump to fill a 30ml bottle in 1 minute 30 seconds. That is significantly down from the previous 6 minutes! If that is still too slow for you, you may need to consider a different pump/tube combination. Please drop me a message for advice.

Colour may vary


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