• New Production System Products
    At long last I can show everyone what is possible when you design your own lab gear. I’ve been using incremental versions of this for the past year or so and it has been really helpful. Now you can too – well, soonish.
  • Dover Museum – New retail outlet
    You can now find my Memories Collection in the gift shop at Dover Museum. Do check the place out, we locals are deeply fond of our wonderful little museum.
  • Perfumist
    Well, here it is. The reason for sending to Grasse. You can now find both of my collections on the wonderful #1 Perfumist app available for both Apple and Android.
  • Sent something to Grasse…
    As a perfumer, if I was to receive a package from Grasse I would be pretty amazed. Well, to have been invited to send something there, that is beyond exciting! All will be revealed soon. 🙂
  • Visiting Tutor
    Very proud to have run a workshop at a swanky Islington bar recently on behalf the the awesome perfumery school where I graduated. I’ve now been officially recognized as a visiting tutor for further events; that is just amazing and I am glad to be giving back to the wonderful school that trained me. Details Here