• Really Behind
    Going by previous years, by now I would be announcing the release of a new collection. Sorry, but that won’t be happening right now. I’ve been working so hard on events, setting up retail outlets and other projects that I’ve had little time to put in development of a new collection. On top of that, there has been the conundrum of pulling something from my back catalogue or developing something new. I know what I want though, just … Read more
  • New Maker Products
    After nearly a year smoothing out my own production system to be used by people other than me, I’m excited to finally reveal tools that I use to others. This is just the start! Right now, if you are a maker and liquids play a part in what you do and want to avoid the huge cost as well as have something compact, then take a look. All can be seen in the shop’s Maker section.
  • New Production System Products
    At long last I can show everyone what is possible when you design your own lab gear. I’ve been using incremental versions of this for the past year or so and it has been really helpful. Now you can too – well, soonish.
  • Dover Museum – New retail outlet
    You can now find my Memories Collection in the gift shop at Dover Museum. Do check the place out, we locals are deeply fond of our wonderful little museum.
  • Perfumist
    Well, here it is. The reason for sending to Grasse. You can now find both of my collections on the wonderful #1 Perfumist app available for both Apple and Android.