Want To Be A Tester?

During the development of new perfumes, I often find I need a second opinion. While my family copes admirably, I do need non biased opinion, usually from customers at any events I find myself at.

However a more regular set of individuals that can form a panel of testers would be more practical. That is where you come in.

Do you feel you could participate? It will be extremely low volume, occasional, and take only minutes.

Due to those parameters I can’t offer payment, it will only cost you those minutes to make an opinion and report it when a sample arrives in the post.

To give you some level of expectation usually, if everything goes to plan, I tend to aim for needing help around spring each year a few months before I need to make a decision on the summer’s release.

These would be the reasons I think makes for a good tester:

  • Has an interest in perfume/scent
  • Curious about the development of fragrance and would love to see inside the process
  • Interested in something different – I only create original scents

if you are still following along and interested feel free to either drop me a message if you have questions, or sign up for this interesting experience.

As I said, I can’t pay for your time bit should you later fancy any of these scents I’m happy to offer a permanent 25% discount which i hope helps.

Note: I can only accept signups from the UK at the moment as this is due to the cost of postage outside the UK. Sorry.