Kapet Cleansing Kit


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What would be better than just a bar of luxuriously scented soap? How about having it accompanied with a jar of my loose Kapet incense, and a couple of my hand made Kapet incense balls for the ultimate and extensive cleansing?

The loose incense is great for dropping a pinch or two on a charcoal disk before or after cleansing the body, or if you are after a whole room effect before or after, then placing a Kapet ball on a charcoal disk will certainly cover that!

For more details on the soap, incense jar and incense ball take a look at these links. You will also find the kit works out a great deal over buying all of them individually.


Box Contains: 1 x 100g Kapet Soap, 1 x 9g Loose Kapet Incense Jar, 2 -3 Kapet Ball Incense (~26g total), 1 x Getting started leaflet