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A single ball (choose from a selection of weights) of my dry Kapet incense mix suspended in a date, honey and wine mix which acts as a preservative and release agent. In the product photo, that ball happens to be at least a year old and there is no sign of any deterioration in quality if stored in the dry (and not necessarily air tight) at room temperature!

I love the sweet, spicy and earthy smell; made extra sweet with the honey and date suspension mixture, it’s quite different from the dry incense mix and not to everyone’s taste to be honest. My favorite incense and in ancient times this was their most expensive and desirable incense only for use in the most important temples, for where the gods who’s scent is sweet require only the best. The reputation is well deserved – the gods deserve no less!

Burns for quite some time on a charcoal disk. Usually I need another spare just in case. That makes it around half hour or so depending on the disk, size of ball (would expect that length for the 7-8g), and storage time . Alternatively you can cut them up into smaller lumps if you want to make them go a little further. The resulting charred date mix will still contain some incense residue, and I then use that for typically making magical inks for sigil writing, or even as a base of Khol (dark eye make-up) as the ancients did. But you could use it for whatever you want.

See my page Kapet Incense for the full details of this wonderful ancient Egyptian incense. These I make for my personal use and although I only make a couple of batches a year to cover those I need plus a bit more for ‘just in case’ rituals, I do love to share with the wider community any spares. Now, these take many weeks to make and dry, therefore stock will be highly variable due to what I need to my own purposes and what I have spare that I’m willing to part with.

Note: Because of the variability of hand making making these (and handling effectively molten sugar), when you purchase, you can choose from a selection of different weight groupings, which as continuine to dry out the weights I have will gradually vary perhaps by a gram or so. Therefore, when you order, please accept that if I can’t find a ball of that specific weight (due to them drying out more – I err on going over the weight), I will top it up with partial smaller ones to the weight you ordered.

When you receive them store in air tight container if possible, or at least ensure they stay dry and away from direct sunlight to protect them.

Contains: Frankincense, Myrrh, Date, Honey, Mastic, Cinnamon, Juniper Berries, Mint, Red Wine.

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