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The brains behind my production system and a device I use often as I created it for my own needs. This little black box controls my bottle filling, the automatic filter and up to two magnetic stirrers. There are also automation features and more being added all the time – currently working on a bottle washing/drying feature and distillation water pumps.

Why not download the manual (coming very soon) and see what it can do as well as watch the video…

To allow for those who might already have existing equipment and skills to integrate with their current systems, the power supply, cables, pumps and other bits will be required if you don’t already have them. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, this system is designed to be maintained easily by the end user, therefore apart from the custom software and 3D printed parts, everything else can be purchased off the from wherever you can find them or made yourself. Either you can buy from where I bought parts directly (just ask for links) or I can sell on what I have at hand at cost to make it easy if you don’t want to go shopping.

Package includes:

  • Controller box
  • Free software updates and support for three months
  • Detailed user guide and YouTube videos


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