1 Year Support Cover




The design of this production system is that apart from the PCB, software and some of the 3D printed parts, you as an owner can service and replace any part of the device and associated parts from wherever you wish under the right to repair laws introduced into the UK.

While I don’t need an incentive to encourage further development of this novel production system into something super useful (as I use this myself), managing and providing external software/hardware updates, as much usage support as I can manage, as well as offering unlimited 3D printed replacement parts is very time consuming. Because I’m generally a very helpful kind of person, I don’t mind providing the occasional assistance if you don’t have this Support Cover in place. If on the other hand you do purchase this, hopefully it should give you peace of mind that I will help you and your business out as a priority. I have incredible plans for so much more to make my life easier (and by connection, yours), so do consider this support cover and join me in an exciting future.



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