• New Range! Essential Oils And Blends

    I love my essential oils and I know others do too. So I’m releasing various sizes and dilutions (mainly for the most exotic and expensive) from my extensive collection. Depending … Read more “New Range! Essential Oils And Blends”

  • Incense Range Revisited

    Welcome a range of additional resins, mostly ones I use in perfumery. I adore each and every material and I’m sure you will too. I have also added a double … Read more “Incense Range Revisited”

  • Valentines Day 2023 20% Sale Continues

    My sale continues and is perfect for one you love, or even just yourself. Go on, have a treat… You deserve it.

  • A Slight Change Of Brand

    I’m getting rid of the reference to ‘Pure Ritual’, it was a good idea years ago but doesn’t quite fit the story now. Mind you, the ideas behind it still … Read more “A Slight Change Of Brand”

  • Valentines Day 2023 20% Sale

    My sale has just launched, perfect for one you love, or even just yourself. Go on, have a treat… You deserve it.

  • Susinum – Scent Of A Queen

    I really enjoyed making this video… 🙂

  • New Gift Sets

    My new 10ml gift packs for both the Historicals and Memories collection now available in the shop!

  • New ‘Memories Collection’ and more retail outlets!

    Been a busy summer with the release of the new Memories Collection which you can find out more here. Following a nice summer break, I’ve been working hard to build … Read more “New ‘Memories Collection’ and more retail outlets!”

  • Historicals Collection’s 1st Birthday Sale

    6th August is the 1st birthday for my debut perfume collection. I’m feeling generous so starting then until the end of August you can claim 20% discount on all of … Read more “Historicals Collection’s 1st Birthday Sale”

  • Retail Outlet Launch

    I’m excited to announce that my perfume range can now be found at both Walrus and Oyster in Canterbury, Airy Fairy in Sheffield and Westgate Galleria, Westgate-on-sea.