Bottle Refills/Returns

At various markets I’ve been asked if I am offering a bottle refilling service. As a small independent artisan perfumer with little high street presence offering such a service has perked my interest but has also presented the question: how can anyone return bottles to me easily? Coupled with that is the fact that I crimp my 30ml and 50ml bottles and that makes refilling tricky. My new 10ml are screw tops which helps. Recently I managed to perfect the knack of removing the bottle crimp with no damage to the bottle neck – problem gone. So…

I am now going to offer 15% discount on returned bottles. You can either return them to my home or to me at any event for this discount to apply right there and then (if at an event) for the a coupon code to use on the website.

I need to talk with the retail outlets I’m currently working with to see if they would be happy to hold empties for me to pick up. Will update as and when that is resolved.