Testing Panel Perfume Selection Dec 2023

Hello! Welcome to the first round of my new perfume work in progress. It has been a tough decision to reduce the dozen down to those that stand a chance of improvement so here you are. Select what ones you want and I will let arrange 1-2ml samples to go out to you.

Of course the point of all this is for you to throw back your thoughts and ideas. In fact any feed back is useful. Details on on how to do the feed back will in sent out with the samples. For any questions beforehand do please throw me a message using whatever means you find useful.

Deadline for selection is 31st December 2023. Samples sending out early January 2024.

NOTE: Please closely note the ingredients when choosing. Selection of the perfume sample confirms that you have NO allergies that would be triggered by it’s ingredients.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy these: