Perfume Experience

Want to try your hand to mixing your own perfume? Want a fun group activity for a
special occasion with something to take home afterwards?

Then book me to guide you through formulating and developing a unique scent for you and each member of your group. At the end of it you can take home each of your creations and additionally choose which of the various creations you would like to make into a larger bottle to keep as your own.

The experience consists of:

  • Assistance in creating your desired scent using methods I use selecting from over a hundred essential oils and materials.
  • Have fun developing the initial scent further to perfection over six stages (at 5ml bottle size) and then producing a final finished perfume.

How This Works

During the experience at the venue of your choice I will help the attendee(s) to think about the scent they might want to create, and then pick the materials. We will create our first blend in a 5ml bottle.

Through a number, most likely a maximum of six given the time, we will adjust the scent slightly each time bringing it closer to the desired fragrance.

In between each stage we will discuss techniques, the materials, and full process that perfumers undertake in bringing their creation to the shops. There will be plenty of opportunity to throw questions and ‘see’ inside how I work as well as first look at creations in progress at various stages of development, and so compare with your own.

For one person I estimate this should all take between 1-2hrs, for a group of 2-3 people maybe 2hrs, and for more then nearing 3hrs so please plan accordingly. Times will vary depending on familiarity with the materials and/or methods. Of course if you have something else in mind such as a hen or pamper night, let’s talk further and and I come up with something a little special unique to that event.

How To Buy

  1. Purchase the materials product for each person attending
  2. Purchase the package for the size of your group. The activities are the same, the cost differences will be down to how long I think it may take to go through everything with increasing numbers attending. If your group is larger than five people, please drop me a message and we can talk about how to accommodate the numbers.
  3. Once payment has been made I will make contact to arrange the date and time for this experience. If on the other hand you want to find out availability before you make payment then do please use the contact form below filling in the details.