How long do they last? – A tricky question to answer. Modern mainstream commercial perfumes use synthetics, chemicals that produce an odor and they may be derived from man made or naturally occurring unrelated compounds. They tend to therefore be quite stable and strong, and once on the skin stay the same until they fade. Not so with these perfumes. I am using natural essential oils which once released to the air will evolve as they react to oxygen and your skin chemistry. Depending on the dose, temperature and whether your skin is slightly acidic or alkaline at the time the essential oils will perform slightly differently each time. From various trials with a variety of skin types any where between 4-8 hours. Do try the samples and if you have any questions please drop me a message. Alternatively, placing drops on clothing will prolong the scent due to a cooler environment which slows evaporation.

Are they safe? – All of these perfumes have undergone lab testing. It is quite intense in fact, and although the labels may seem alarming in regards to allergens for example, you need to be aware of that for cosmetics that are left on skin, if any potential allergen makes up more then 0.001% has to be declared! Everyone’s skin will react differently due to our unique skin chemistry so do please try out the sample pack to avoid disappointment and to ensure they work on you. Any problems do please contact me as soon as possible.

How to care for them – The colours are fantastic and with the glass looks amazing to be set on a dressing table, however, these are natural products and like fine wine will mature over time. To ensure they mature in a good way, and to prolong their life keep at room temperature not in direct sunlight, preferably in the dark if you can.

There is a slight difference to my last perfume – That is a possibility. I use natural ingredients and while everything is measured out exactly the same for each batch, there will be some variances in material colour and perhaps a little in the scent depending on where the ingredients are sourced from. Also the maturing process, like fine wine, will impact on the final results. Longer it is kept in ideal conditions the better and more rounded the scent. What you have will therefore be a unique creation.

Returns – I quite understand our sense of tastes differ and spending a large amount of money on something that turns out not to be liked can be upsetting. For this reason the sample pack is available for you to try them out therefore I can’t accept returns on opened boxes.

Back Orders – If any products say it is available on back order there is a good chance I will have some ready very soon. Only if it will take a while to replenish will I mark it out of stock. If you are in any particular hurry then do throw me a message before you order otherwise I will advise on dates once you have placed it.

Why is the delivery charge so high? – Transporting perfume is considered a dangerous good due to the presence of the flammable ethanol in the bottle. Therefore i have to use carriers who can handle such goods. Sure, I could use a cheap one and claim it has something else in it, however, should a problem occur or the goods need to be opened (e.g. customs checks) I could image the repercussions would be disastrous. I have to play fair.

Purchases From Outside UK – If you want to purchase from outside the UK please drop me a message first to discuss. However, since the UK’s (disastrous) exit from the EU export into the EU has become more complex and very hard to calculate the various costs – especially for a small business like this. I have recently managed to successfully export into the EU though there is a bit of manual process for that, in time I hope to have it fully automated. Exporting to Indonesia also went quite smoothly. I suspect other places too shouldn’t be a problem, but still drop me a message so I can advise prior to purchase