Bespoke Perfume Consultancy

High street perfumes not doing anything for you?

Want something that is unique or just ‘you’?

Ever thought about having your own unique perfume commissioned?

Looking for a special gift for your employees, loved ones or your wedding guests?

I personally know very well making a memorable impact can play a huge part in many avenues of life and work. One aspect that can leave an immediate impression is the scent we are wearing, and while popular commercial scents can leave a mark, but will that scent be confused with another person?

To be 100% certain you will be remembered is to have a scent that no one else (or at least only a few will have). This is where I can step in to help you achieve that through two development package options. Of course, if these packages don’t quite match what you are after, please drop me a message and I can certainly come up with a package that does.

What you get with both standard packages…

  • For as long as it takes, be it a week or months, we work together to formulate the scent you desire from my extensive set of materials. From your ideas various samples will be created from which we can discuss and decide the direction until you are satisfied.
  • I will formulate and put the recipe through lab safety testing to ensure everything is safe to use.
  • Once the formula is signed off I will produce the initial batch which will take 4-8 weeks for production, maturing, filtering and bottling from which you will then have access to the initial batch of 5 x 50ml bottles thereafter.
  • Further bottles will be produced depending on the restrictions of the package at a further cost.

Package 1 – Designer (£330 Total)

For a reasonable amount obtain your bespoke perfume, but with this package you allow me to list it on my website for others to purchase too. As I am an artisanal producer, my volumes won’t ever match large scale commercial operations and therefore the chances are you won’t often encounter any of my perfumes as much as those big players. Because it will become one of my stock products I can offer reduced costs due to slightly larger scale production, and as an added bonus if you want your name listed along side it crediting it’s creation I don’t mind.

With this forming part of my normal stock I can additionally offer good terms for refills and you will receive a 20% life long discount on any further bottles of your creation you purchase at any time in any quantity.

Package 2 – Exclusive (£500 Total)

For the ultimate in unique scent, this package will result in something no one else will ever wear as it won’t be listed for sale on my website (unless you want it mentioned as originating from here but not to sell). No one else will be entitled to have a copy or anything similar if requested.

Due to the unique one off production of this perfume. Should you require more past the original five bottles then I would have to enforce a minimum order quantity of another five 50ml bottles for a total of £180 each time due to production batch size.

Terms and Conditions

  • A £50 deposit is required for either package upon application to cover the consultancy stage. The deposit is refundable should you change your mind at any point during this stage.
  • Prices for both of the standard packages are based on supply with my usual 30ml and 50ml bottles and packaging. Drop me a message if you want the final results bottled and packed in different formats.
  • Once the final scent is agreed upon the remaining package cost will be due to cover lab testing and production. At that point no further changes can be made as the formula will be submitted for final lab safety analysis and test. Only if a problem is found during lab tests will any changes be permitted for it to pass although I will do my best to foresee such problems.
  • Due to using natural essential oils, availability and costs can dramatically change and I reserve the right to limit certain materials if the costs would be too prohibitive. I do my best to ensure my stock holding is cost effective but sometimes the market can move very fast. I will always be up front about such issues and advise the best I can if central to your requirements with, if required, adjustments to costs.
  • I will remain the sole holder and producer of the recipe as I will have submitted the formula for lab analysis and obtained the CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report), and will then have registered it with the UK Cosmetics Database and that makes me legally responsible for it’s safety and is not therefore transferable.